Homemade Strawberry Jam

May finally came and it marks the start of British strawberry season. Strawberry is one of my favourite fruit because of its colour, taste, nutritions and amazing flavour. There are some kinds of fruit that you will find in my kitchen everytime are banana and strawberry, sometime it would be avocado and apple. Avocado is quite expensive that’s why I just buy it once or twice a week. I usually have granola or muesli mix with plain yogurt, banana and strawberries for breakfast or sometimes I have a piece of toasted whole wheatbread spread with soft cheese and strawberry slices. I’m addicted to fresh food. I love fruits, vegetables and homemade things which I can control it’s sugar amount and the most important thing is it’s freshness.


Strawberry jam is one of my favourite homemade food because it does not take long time to make, just about 20-25 minutes and I can control it’s sweetness as well as can use over ripped strawberry instead of throw it away. I learned how to make this kind of jam from a Vietnamese woman who is now living in Japan, where has such kind of amazing strawberry too. I prefer making small amount rather than big one because home – made strawberry jam does not contain preservative and less sugar, then small portion will be better in keeping it’s freshness.

This recipe is very easy with simple ingredients, quick and the result will be great.


– 300 gram fresh strawberries.

– 150 gram brown sugar (The amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of strawberry. You should add more sugar if your strawberries are sour or less sugar if yours is quite sweet)

– 2 tsp lime/lemon juice.

– a small jar


– Boil water in a small pan, when water start to boil add the jad and boil in 10 minutes. Afterthat, take the jar out and turn it down to a clean cloth.

– Wash strawberry, use kitchen towel to absorb exceed water.

– Add sugar to strawberry then use a fork to mash, make strawberries and sugar combine together.

– Add lime/lemon juice and add the mixture into a small pan, turn meadium high heat and stir until sugar dissolve.


– When the mixture start to boil, turn to high heat, non – stop stiring to avoid burt in the bottom of the pan.

– When the mixture looks like gel, remove the pan from heat and pour mixture into the jar as quick as possible and seal the lid, turn the jar down for 10 mintutes then let it cool down before put in on the fridge. Doing by this way you can keep your jam up to few months. Actually I finish my small jam in just 2 weeks. 😀


That’s all you need to do to make home – made strawberry jam. Very easy and delicous. It’s just a bit complicated in preserving but if you just make a small amoung and use it straight away then you no need to use this method, just refigerate after using and it can last up to few weeks.


What is your favourite jam or preserve? and Do you have any other ways in making fruits jam?

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Pumpki ❤


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